"Funny you`ve asked"
When actually working on a 15 minute animated short featuring
Nougatbear and Chocolatebunny, Antonio Francese and Markus Unger
were surprised by the soccer worldcup 2006 in Germany.

But Nougatbear and Chocolatebunny were even more excited.
How long were they waiting for the whole world invited by friends?
You can imagine, how sad Francese and Unger must have been,
when a german police swat team entered their working space,
destroying the work of three month. What the hell has happened?
Well, in their enthusiasm Nougatbear and Chocolatebunny were enjoying
the public viewing of the 0:2 semi-finals Germany vs. Italy.
After a beautiful and sunny day, the following night ended in a hooligans-
against-the-police-turmoil, involving our two nice friends,
who had to spend that night in a prison cell, due to a mistake undertaken
by the police.

Bad luck, but thanks to the dv-material from an amateur-videofilmmaker,
who had accidentially filmed the police action on bunny and bear,
Unger and Francese were at least able to reconstruct that night.
Unger:"We had to use any material available. But I would put it
in a positive way. The Plot of this film doesn`t use any conservative
literary structures. As a consequence we made extensive use of historical
soundfiles. We just wanted to give a glance of that night`s tonality.
These techniques have already been used by many upcoming filmmakers in the past
i.e. Fassbinder and the new german cinema or the Nouvelle Vague ".